Workout Locations

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Cahaba Elementary SchoolSlagheap0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
Paine Elementary SchoolHouse of Paine0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
Magnolia ElementaryThe Schoolyard0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
Cahaba Elementary SchoolMush Ruck0515-0615Ruck
Cahaba Elementary SchoolIditarod0530-0615Run
Clay Chalkville High SchoolGolem0600-0700Bootcamp
Crosspoint ChurchArgonaut0530-06150530-615Bootcamp
Big Springs ParkThe Source0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
Veteran's ParkThe Vet0530-06150730-0815Stationary Bootcamp
Moody City ParkThe Crossroads0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
First Baptist Church (Volleyball Court)Christmas Tree (Unofficial)1830-1900Bootcamp

We workout rain or shine. We often celebrate holidays by moving our various workout locations into a single spot called a “convergence”. The F3 Birmingham or F3 BEast Twitter Feeds are the best places to check for updates about holiday convergence workouts. There is no sign-up, just show up!